cosmic !

hi, I'm cosmo and I love you.

bday: march 9 2001
they/them pronouns
probably makes art & music


you can call me Cosmo or Haleigh!

I am an artist and UTAU/Vocaloid producer! I'm the creator of the upcoming webcomic, Bigger Than You Think, and of the UTAU voicebank, Lavender Pleiad.

Please read this before following. Thank you.

Do not follow me, engage with my work, and/or join any communities/servers I run if any of the following applies to you, or if you support the following.

You're a TERF / gender critical / gender abolitionistYou're a Nazi / alt rightYou're a pedophile / minor attracted person, lolicon/shotacon, or support thisYou're a transmedicalist / truscumYou're anti-nonbinary / think nonbinary identities are invalidYou think asexual, aromantic, and other aspec identities are invalidYou ship pedophilia/incest shipsYou're a fan of World War High, or positive depictions of Nazi Germany in countryhumans(Instagram) You’re a discourse account


other places you can find me