cosmic !

hi, I'm Skye and I love you.

bday: march 9 2001
they/them pronouns
probably makes art & music

black lives matter & transgender rights matter.

please continue to sign petitions, donate, and spread the word. keep fighting!


you can call me Skye !

I am an artist and UTAU/Vocaloid producer! I'm the creator of the upcoming webcomic, Bigger Than You Think, and of the UTAU voicebank, Lavender Pleiad.

Please read this before following. Thank you.

Do not follow me, engage with my work, and/or join any communities/servers I run if any of the following applies to you, or if you support the following.

You're a TERF / gender critical / gender abolitionistYou're a Nazi / alt rightYou're a pedophile / minor attracted person, lolicon/shotacon, or support thisYou're a transmedicalist / truscumYou're anti-nonbinary / nonbinary skepticalYou're an ace / aro / aspec exclusionistYou ship pedophilia/incest ships (see Disclaimer below)You're a fan of World War High, or support positive depictions of Nazi Germany in CountryhumansYou use ableist slurs (like r-t-rd, p--cho, using "autistic" as an insult, etc.)(Instagram) You’re a discourse account

For anyone interested in following:

I post Hetalia content on occasion and I am apart of its fandom. As a longtime fan, I am fully aware of the issues the series has and why it's problematic, however, Hetalia is one of my hyperfixations and a comfort series to me, and I engage with Hetalia content, as such.

If Hetalia upsets or makes you uncomfortable in any way, I recommend not following me (and blocking me, if need be)! Thank you for understanding.

Sidenote: I also recommend reading these posts that address some of the major issues with Hetalia (TW: mentions of imperialism, racism, and Nazism): (x), (x), (x)

In Regards to Pedophilia/Incest Shipping:

I'm not comfortable going into detail about it, but I am extremely uncomfortable with pedophilia and incest shippers because as a child, I went through emotional abuse where I was frequently exposed to this kind of media.

To clarify, I take no issue when people explore these issues in private safe spaces as a means of coping with their own issues (and respect and know who their audience is), nor do I take issue with content that explores these issues without glorifying it (ex. Revolutionary Girl Utena).

However, I ask that any potential followers please respect my boundaries in this regard. I have no interest in shipping/anti discourse, I just want this kind of content as far away from me as possible because it's triggering for me.


other places you can find me

Nook ExchangeVocaDBVocaloid Lyrics Wiki

These are the Discord servers I run!
Please note that my BYF still applies here. If anything on my BYF applies to you, please do not join these servers. Thank you.

The Black Hole
For fans of the Milky Way Fandom and planet gijinka! Also has a particular focus on astronomy and adjacent subjects. Safe/positive space for LGBTA+/MOGAI, plurality, and neurodiverse communities.

This server is 15+ only! Anyone who is under 15 and joins the server without my express permission, or lies about their age to join, will be banned permanently. This server is not built for younger teens or children.

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For fans of Hetalia who live in Georgia, USA, and its neighboring states (NC, SC, FL, AL, TN)!
This server is location-specific - please do not join if you live outside these states.

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For fans of Vocaloid, UTAU, Synth V, and other vocal synths who live in Georgia, USA, and its neighboring states (NC, SC, FL, AL, TN)!
This server is location-specific - please do not join if you live outside these states.

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Aspec & Trans Vocaloid
A space for asexual, aromantic, trans and nonbinary fans of Vocaloid to connect! Allies and questioning can join, too, as long as they're respectful.

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